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Information technology decisions shouldn’t be made in a vacuum; each investment of both time and resources should be based on achieving specific business goals.  The intention in each of our webinar series is to inform and educate.  We help decision makers understand the business gains that can be acquired through technology enhancements, and show IT professionals how to implement those technologies.  Each subsequent event within a series provides technical detail to enable you to get the most out of your technology investments.  We conclude each series with a best practices session that allows participants to benefit from the experiences of our senior consultants in each topic area.  All webinars are interactive and we encourage attendees to include their area of interest in the comments field of their registration form. This will help us to adapt our presentations to address each customer’s unique needs.


Virtualization Series:

  • Exploring the Virtualized IT World

Exploring the Virtualized IT World: Virtualization is the new standard for deploying services to the modern enterprise. In its simplest definition it means doing more with less. Traditional systems were built with a one application, one server mentality. This translates to underutilized equipment, higher administrative burdens, soaring energy costs, and systems that are slow to adapt to rapidly changing market demands. It also means that your IT staff is more focused on maintenance activities rather than innovation. In this one hour webinar we will demystify virtualization technologies and help you make a business case for upgrading your existing architecture. Our virtualization expert will walk through the business advantages of virtualization and identify areas for potential cost savings, return on investment opportunities, and competitive advantages. Attending this webinar qualifies you for a complimentary evaluation by one of our senior technical consultants. Register Now >>

  • How to Plan, Design and Implement a Virtual Environment (Building Your Roadmap)

Once you have committed to building a virtual environment it’s important to invest the time in developing a comprehensive strategy for moving forward.  The initial decision to virtualize enterprise systems is typically based on short term return on investment; understanding the benefits of virtualization on your infrastructure in terms of efficiencies, hardware reductions, and scalability can result in long term savings.  In this webinar, our virtualization expert will take you through each stage of the virtualization process to make sure you get the most out of your new environment.  The planning and discovery process is one of the most important steps on the path to virtualization.  Understanding what you have today, and how that relates to your new virtualization platform, is requisite to a successful implementation.  The next step to virtualization is taking all of that knowledge and translating it into a functional design.  Designing an efficient virtualization system allows systems administrators to consolidate resources, manage workloads, automate processes, and optimize delivery.  Throughout this event we will guide you through the critical decision points, discuss various options, and prepare you to execute a successful launch.  Attending this webinar qualifies you for a complimentary roadmap discussion with one of our senior technical consultants. Register Now >>

  • Best Practices and Potential Pitfalls for Implementing Virtualization

Our consultant teams firmly believe that project execution is only as good as your experience.  Our delivery experts are in the field implementing virtualized solutions to clients across various industries on a daily basis.  We have combined their experiences and developed a best practices methodology to help you virtualize your existing environment.  In this webinar we will do a deep dive into specific technologies, provide you tips and tricks for optimization, and advise you of potential problems.  This will be a peer-to-peer, open forum so be sure to bring your virtualization questions and we can address them as they relate to your organization.  Attending this webinar qualifies you for a complimentary evaluation of your virtualization platform with one of our senior technical consultants. Register Now >>