Unified Communications

Empower your workforce by creating a ubiquitous communication system providing multiple channels for your employees and customers to communicate. Bridge the gap between customer communications and crucial time sensitive business information. Simplifying and integrating all forms of communication services within your company with Unified Communications will result in reduced response times, elimination of device and media dependencies, and improve your productivity.

 Extropy can provide Unified Communication solutions to structure an effective integration of both real-time and non real-time communications services, manage your communication flows and optimize your business processes.

 Solution Elements:

  • VoIP Architecture – In the new converged world of data and voice it is critical to architect, design, and integrate disparate systems carefully. To do otherwise invites a loss of quality, down or ineffective systems, and high costs to troubleshoot and remediate issues. Extropy resources have amassed the tribal knowledge through experience to architect, design, configure, and retrofit your network to support VoIP deployments.
  • Call Center Architecture – Call centers are often the life blood of your organization, processing orders, supporting your customers, and performing those high touch customer interfaces. It is critical that your call center communication systems function efficiently and reliably to maintain any competitive advantage, help to ensure that customer satisfaction is high, and avoid high opportunity cost. Extropy has the expertise to make sure your call center deployments go smoothly.
  • Unified Communication Systems Integration – How many systems do you use to communicate; Mobile Phone, Email, Instant Messaging, Fax, mobile data, VoIP, TDM Phone PBX, Audio and Video Conferencing? Extropy experts can help you tightly integrate all of these disparate systems, reducing complexity and streamlining how information flows.


Partner with Extropy thought leaders and increase your productivity through tightly integrated Unified Communications