Technology Infrastructure Solutions

Technology vision drives the architectural and design standards of an organization. At Extropy we believe a strong technology infrastructure enables business innovation and gives companies a competitive advantage. We enable our customers’ success by providing services that assist them in getting the most out of their technology infrastructure.

Planning and Architecture >> - Our talented technology teams have many years of experience with proven track records aligning technology solutions with business goals and developing customized Plans and Architectures based on each of our customer’s unique requirements.

Network Assessments >> - Extropy can provide a variety of assessments to give you a thorough understanding of your network systems and equipment. Our assessments will identify design and technology gaps, root-cause of performance issues, and provide you the information required to adapt your network to utilize the latest technologies.

Infrastructure Engineering and Optimization >> - The Extropy team consists of top consultants with the highest engineering and business certifications in the industry. We provide design, engineering, and tactical planning services, to ensure your infrastructure projects are successful.

Systems Implementation and Deployment >> - Complex implementations and deployments require careful planning and expert timing. Extropy resources are highly skilled in deployment planning, change management, and implementing a wide variety of technologies. Utilizing our experience can protect your investment and your business by reducing the risk of integrating new or unfamiliar technologies.

Virtualization and Cloud Computing >> - Terms like cloud computing, grid computing and virtual data center have become buzzwords in the technology industry. These concepts are being heavily promoted as ideal data center solutions that are not only flexible but also reduce costs and risk. What exactly does this mean for you, and how do these concepts apply to your needs today? What solutions will work for your business, and how will you implement them?