Security Engineering

Securing your network, protecting your business, and ensuring that you are in compliance with the myriad of regulatory requirements, are essential functions of your IT team
We live in a world where the boogeyman is no longer hiding in your closet, but instead he rides in on a stream of ones and zeros, steals your Intellectual Property, wreaks havoc in your business, and gets you in hot water with the government. Having talented security engineers on your team to manage the myriad of tools and countermeasures you have deployed is crucial to your business.
Extropy has a strong track record in delivering security and compliance engineers across several verticals and regulatory environments. We provide people who are adept at architecting, designing, integrating and operating your security architecture. So whether you need a high level security engineer to architect your overall security design, build and tune your SIEM, and create policy, or if you just need a Firewall Expert to conduct day to day tasks, Extropy can deliver what you need.