Security and Compliance

Identify potential audit threats before they happen. Regardless of which governance framework you follow, protecting your business from data loss due to various threats such as zero day attacks or employee negligence may become overwhelming. As your business evolves and changes so does the technology that can be used to protect it.

Extropy can help you analyze your existing infrastructure and systems to identify gaps in your protection to mitigate your risks from data loss and to ensure regulatory Compliance. Over the course of many engagements, Extropy Consultants have developed a deep understanding of the regulatory and compliance issues you may face. Security is a growing concern, and data loss presents significant risk to your bottom line via serious fines for not being in compliance.

Extropy can assess your security policies, systems, and culture to identify weakness, threats, and areas that are not in compliance with regulatory guidelines. More than that, we can show you where to improve to exceed those guidelines to keep ahead of curve and protect your business.


  • Risk Assessment
  • Regulatory Compliance Assessment
  • Architecture and Design Assessment
  • Remediation Recommendations

Our services do not stop at assessment and identification only. Our security experts can work with your teams to develop and deploy comprehensive security architectures, designs and policy. We can take our findings to the next level to remediate any issues we, or an auditor has found.

Partner with Extropy and we will help you implement strong security systems and policies before a loss happens.