IT Staffing Solutions

We match your business with people that enable your success

Finding people with the right skills to enable your business is a tough task and one that can be critical to your success. People that can truly make an impact in your organization don’t only possess the right skills and experience, but they fit into your business in a meaningful way.  At Extropy, we seek to solve your business problems by delivering the right people who are capable of making those meaningful impacts.
We approach contract staffing and direct placement services the same way we approach a Professional Services engagement. Our first step is to understand your business: what types of challenges are you facing? What projects or initiatives are you working on that are driving the need for more resources? What are the core technical and soft skills you need to accomplish your goals?   We work with our clients to understand their business needs at a fundamental level and the drivers behind the positions we are trying to fill. Our Professional Services successes allow us to build a strong understanding of what the ideal candidate looks like. We pull from our knowledge of the technology, architecture, engineering and operations, and couple that with your business needs to identify the right candidates.   
Extropy focuses in some core IT areas and doesn’t attempt to be a “Jack of all Trades;” we believe in sticking with what we know. Areas we cover are Core Networking, Unified Communications/VOIP, Data Center, Security, Storage, IT Project Management, Systems Engineering and virtualization/cloud computing, Software and Application Development, and Data Modeling/warehousing.   We work across multiple industries, verticals, and vendor solutions, and have success stories in Service Provider, Enterprise, and Mid-Size business spaces.
Extropy has a proven track record of delivering top talent on a contract, contract-to-hire and direct placement basis.