IT Project Management Staffing Services


Not all IT projects are created equal - and neither are Project Managers
Complex IT projects must be managed by skilled, experienced project managers to ensure success. Projects that span the enterprise can affect the ability of a company to operate and over run budgets dramatically if not managed effectively. Project Managers should be able to implement effective frameworks and proven methodologies such as AGILE, PMBOK, Six Sigma, and service delivery/governance frame works such as ITIL and COBIT, to drive a project to success.
The ability to manage key stakeholders, customers, vendors, timelines, tasks, and a matrix of resources may not be enough; there are some projects that require specific experience and niche tribal knowledge to effectively manage. It is critical that companies find Projects Managers that are not only good at managing projects, but who understand the technologies involved, inter-dependencies, and their associated risks and challenges. While you may have a terrific Project Manager who focuses on software projects with a strong understanding of the SDLC lifecycle, that project manager may not be the right fit for your other projects like an Enterprise wide VoIP roll out.
As a professional services company, Extropy has managed and delivered many projects across multiple disciplines. We know what it takes to deliver a project, and use that knowledge to identify the right project managers to fit your specific needs; just because someone has a PMP doesn’t mean they are qualified for your specific role. Extropy leverages our experience in project management and technology, to conduct in depth interviews with prospective candidates, following the same standards we use when interviewing for our own internal Project Management roles. This means that when we get a resume to your desk you can be sure we believe they can do the job.