Data Center Solutions

The Data Center is the heart of a company’s infrastructure, and arguably the most important piece of an IT infrastructure design. Extropy provides services that range from strategic planning to tactical execution, which are crucial in gaining efficiencies, maintaining accessibility of systems and increasing system performance.

Transformations - As technology evolves your data center will need to transition to keep up with the increasing demands of your business. Extropy provides transformation solutions that will ensure your data center is equipped to handle even the most demanding tasks and still maintain its integrity. Data Center Transformation Solutions include: 

Asset Management >> - Understanding which solutions will allow you to manage the entire life cycle of your assets, reduce unnecessary hardware and software upgrades, and provide a ubiquitous management structure of those assets, will aid you in reducing CAPEX and OPEX investments.

Extropy can assist your company to understand its inefficiencies, systems dependencies and provide a complete plan to manage your assets to support your core business, reduce risk and deliver tangible business value.