Company Overview


Extropy is an IT solutions firm with a core focus on providing strategic planning and tactical design, implementation, and optimization services. The complex IT ecosystem is not static, it changes, it evolves, like a living organism; Extropy is here to help our customers understand those changes, identify ways to use them to their advantage, and to make the transition easy.


"We will deliver the solutions our customer's needs by vigilant pursuit of expertise in the latest technology innovations and best practices."



Our Mission is to be a leader in enabling companies to build stronger business by transforming and improving their Information Technology (IT) Ecosystems; solving specific problems through the delivery of relevant solutions and expert services.



When we add a consultant to our team at Extropy we look for people who are as passionate about our business as we are. In this quest we seek out the world’s best industry experts in their field. We look for the stars of the "A Team" that every great company knows they’re fortunate if they have even a small handful of such thought leaders. Throughout their careers, our people have always been the rare person that everyone else knows they can rely on. Their professional experience, training, and journey combine to form the tribal knowledge that translates into a very successful customer experience. Partner with Extropy when you need tribal knowledge and thought leadership for your information technology project. When you have a mission critical project, you’ll find that we’re the experts you can count on.



Extropy’s collaborative culture and technology driven environment are at the center of our commitment to excellence. We continually strive to maximize return on investment for our clients by delivering the most innovative technical solutions available. We consider each project a journey we take with our clients, beginning with the right resources. Our dedicated project teams include leaders in IT strategy, implementation and technology that deliver outstanding and scalable results. Our experience enables us to optimize workflow, increase the speed of completion and produce the right results in a cost effective manner. Our goal is continued satisfaction and success for our clients long after project delivery.


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