Cisco CCIE Recertification and the CCDE written test

I just had to recertify my CCIE status, which means the biennial trip to the testing center to relive the pain of the CCIE written test. I find the CCIE written to be in some ways more difficult than the CCIE lab, ok maybe not harder, but different.

Why Apple both needs and WANTS "Jailbreakers"

So we're all aware that there is a thriving underground ecosystem for one of Apple's most popular and revered products, the iPhone. In fact, some estimates put the number of "jailbroken" or "hacked" iPhones at nearly 10%, and while not a major impact on Apple's demographics, does represents a millions of customers worldwide.

 Why good IT People are so Hard to Find

I was recently reading an interview of the CIO of GM, Terry Kline, on why it is so hard to find those special few individuals with both broad and deep skills across the different realms of IT, and why they are so valuable... 

 Twitter as an opinion validation tool

I was reading and interesting article on Harvard Business Review and it pointed out some of the interesting ways to look at information in the context of relevance to a certain topic and the relationship between ideas.

 An Insider's take on IT Consulting

Being that this is the first post on this new blog, I figured I'd talk a bit about some of the nuances of the business of IT consulting...

 The Good, The Bad and The Ugly; what's wrong with yesterday's model for delivering solutions?

Option 1: staffing  |  Option 2: "big" consulting  |  Option 3: Better Consulting

[previous post] It is precisely these ideas that differentiate us from the two ends of the spectrum prevalent in IT services (both of which I've worked extensively with in the past)...